Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dumb Box

So I had to get a "big boy" car seat for Luke the other day at target. My sister asked do u need help taking that out to your car? No I'm a big girl. guess I was wrong, trying to cram it into my trunk stomping and frustarted probably looking like an idiot, a man and son finally came over to offer a helping hand. as it was wedged in my car door i ripped the box. so i took the easy route any took it out of the box and tossed it in the trunk and ditched the box. As i was closing my trunk an elderly woman comes to me in her old grandma voice and says "oh I'm so glad to see that you got it in, i was gonna come help you if you hadn't. i was trying to get in the parking spot next to you but you were taking to long."
I never thought I would hear an old woman say to me that I was taking to long.

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y. said...

So you think we (old women) are too slow...good one:)