Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I'm losing my mind!

We have had to make due with one car lately...the mister is getting his worked the other day I had to borrow my mothers highlander (which I love) I feel like such a big girl when I drive it :). So Luke and I went to the "grocery"(as people call it now a days) to do some serious shopping . Luke WAS NOT in the mood so I felt rushed going through all the isles trying to get the best deal while trying to make him happy/quiet. When I finally made it to the check out with a crabby baby I had found my favorite check out lady, she's the only nice one I've met. As shes checking all my WIC stuff I had to run back and get different bread (there sooo picky). While all this is going on Luke is standing in the front of the cart wanting to get out, and I couldn't strap him down because the strap was broken! *note to self, look at straps before picking out a cart. So I finally got checked out which felt like forever! I had a loaded cart, I barely had enough room for Luke. I go out to the SUV and realize I have lost the keys, and the doors are locked. $@#%! So I had to go back through the store with my huge cart of groceries looking for my keys asking for the stock boys to help me ... and then a girl I went to school with yelled down an isle to me MARY ARE THESE YOURS!? Yes I said, embarrassed while everyone looks at me....where were they I ask. Up at the check out....UGH!! I was sweating by the time I got in the car, I was SO frazzled! How am I ever going to handle more then one kid!

*another note to self....never let Luke play with my keys again!


y. said...

Been there done that! I could feel your pain:)...remember the time (a million years ago) you got your foot caught under the automatic door...grrrr!

MFC said...

ohhh yea.... might be a little late but... sorry :(