Wednesday, November 11, 2009

You Learn Something New Everyday

Me and Zach just got picture messaging on our I phones. So the other day while he was at work
I thought I'd send him this picture with the caption,
"talking a bath"

A few minutes later he sent me this picture with the cation
"escaping the bath"

It scared the crap out of me! Then when I actually figured out what it was I laughed ... He said he had to do his first pig roast and had not a clue what he was doing. He was man handling this 110 pound pig up and down the stairs of the resort first trying to roast it but the pig was so big it wasn't cooking fast enough, so he said he had to shove it in the oven by breaking it hooves, and cutting its butt off! what a eventful day at Grand Superior Lodge... needless to say the wedding party enjoyed there pig.

* p.s- thankful to be a stay at home mom!


homemaker Hobbies said...

Luke is sooo cute!

Answear to your question, we have blockbuster mail dvd. Love it!

y. said...

Way too funny...i wish you had a picture of Zach carrying that pig!!!