Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Na night Nonny

My parents recently left for there 3 month vacation in Tucson AZ. Which they have been talking about for what seems like forever. My dad letting me know what I will be in charge of when he was gone (the shop). It should have been no surprise then when they were packing up their stuff and getting ready to go. But the day before they left it hit me! I said goodbye to my mom and she gave me a hug ...(our family doesn't hug)that's when I knew it was serious, they were gonna be gone for 3 whole months! thats a long time! Who was gonna make me and Luke dinner? Who was gonna sew my clothes? Who was gonna get the grease stains out of our clothes? Who was gonna make sure my car was running alright? Who was gonna watch Luke at the drop of a hat? Who was gonna be my mom and dad?! Conclusion....ME! I was telling a friend about this and he told me "welcome to the real world Mary." I know I can do it. It's just gonna take some getting used to. Everybody keeps asking me what are you going to do without your parents!? Is it that obvious that I depend on them that much? I'm the baby thats what we do :).
What I really didn't realize is how hard it would be on Luke. He saw my parents almost every day and every time we drove passed the house he would say Nonny (thats what the grandkids call my mom). Now when we drive by and don't stop he whines. and he always says, "Nonny Grampa?" And I always have to tell him that they're in Tucson. So the other night when I was laying Luke down for bed he does this thing where he says na night, or bye bye to everyone he knows, and I just listen. He said mama na night Dada bye bye (he was working) then he said Nonny Newson(a.k.a Tucson). It melted my heart. He knows there "Newson" but he doesn't know what or where that is.Too cute but he definitely misses his Nonny and Granmpa.


I Sew Lucky said...

Awww, cute story! 3 MONTHS, WOW! You can come visit us anytime:)

y. said...

awww...that was sweet.
take april up on that vist:)

barbara said...

awwww! so cute and it made me smile. happy you realized you're living in the real world. feel free to come visit if you need to eat supper :)

MFC said...

haha thanks for the invite :)