Thursday, February 11, 2010

Finding Memo

Luke isn't much for watching T.V. unless there's a good commercial on especially the Pillsbury dough boy, he loves him :) But I thought one day maybe I could put in a cartoon movie and see if he liked it. well the only cartoon movie we have is finding Nemo which is a great movie besides...soo I asked Luke, "do you want to watch finding Nemo?" and he says "MEMO?." So I put it in, gave him a snack and his blankie. I couldn't believe it, his eyes were glued to the T.V for like the first 20 min. which is a record for him! Ever since then (a week ago) hes had to watch "Memo" everyday. He gets the DVD and tries to put it in the DVD player. He would watch it more then once a day if he had it his way. but its a nice 20min where I don't have to worry bout him getting into anything naughty and he sits there very contently...Not saying I agree with sitting your child in front of a T.V all day buuut it is nice for a little bit :) . Plus who wouldn't like that movie!


I Sew Lucky said...

There is nothing wrong with mommy taking a break. Heck, I LOVE the TV:)

barbara said...

i think maria watches too much... but it's nice when you're showering or making supper. :)

y. said...

he looks perfectly happy:)