Wednesday, February 17, 2010

You are dust, and unto dust you shall return.

I didn't know what time church was at for Ash Wednesday.I called my mom and she said "what do you want me to do? I don't know." I guess it was just reflex :). So I got a hold of a fellow church member. She said 7am or 7pm. I decided to go at 7pm and I wasn't planing on bringing Luke, but at the last minute I decided to because I wanted him to get ashes too. I didn't expect him to be good since it was rather late for him. But to my surprise he was an ANGEL so to speak :). He talked to the babies behind him, and flirted with the catholics around him. He even walked back to the pew all by himself :). And at one point I was kneeling on the kneeler and he sat right next to me on the kneeler and folded his hands just like I had mine. TOO CUTE! Must of been the blessing ;)

(not a very good picture, its the best i could get)

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y. said...

what a good little catholic to speak:)